How to “Fetch as Google”?

Just where has “Fetch as Google” gone? You know, that trusty option on Google Search console that let you tell Google you’ve made some changes and you need the page re-crawled? Without it, Google will re-crawl your page, but it’ll take it’s own sweet time to get around to it. It’s an essential tool right?

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WordPress | How to schedule mini-sessions using WooCommerce

Selling mini-sessions on your site via WooCommerce WooCommerce offers a really easy, and cheap, way of selling mini-sessions on your site. There are a couple of approaches you can take, either a product per date. Or a product with multiple variables. The video below covers both of these scenarios. Any questions, just ask below!

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Image Optimisation – Sizing images for web

Preparing images for use on your website can be confusing, not least because of a certain myth that is perpetuated by people who should know better! For most people, especially those working in any kind of creative industry, the balance of the quality of the image vs how long it takes the page to load

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