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With dedicated resources and finely tuned servers, in partnership with Flywheel and powered by Google Cloud Platform, our hosting will give you the very best in performance.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Our Managed WordPress Hosting is designed from the ground up around WordPress. It’s built for one thing, running WordPress as quickly as possible. Because it’s only designed for that single purpose, it means there don’t have to be any compromises.

With nightly off-site backups, a global CDN and a free staging site to test any changes in, you couldn’t ask for more.

And security that we’re so confident in, that if you do get impacted by MalWare – We’ll fix it for free.

Hosted in the UK on Google Cloud Platform.

As Flywheel Agency Partners you’ll not only get support from me, but access to an easy to use Flywheel dashboard and 24/7 support from Flywheel themselves if you need it!


Blazing Fast

With world class server side caching and distributed data centres, you can be sure your site will be incredibly fast wherever in the world your clients are! Not only that, but the hosting can handle millions of visitors without blinking.

Bullet Proof

We’re so confident in the security of the hosting platform, that in the incredibly unlikely event that you do get infected with malware, I’ll clean it up for free! Server Side security, limited login attempts, enforced strong passwords and intelligent IP blocking means no need for any security plugins either.

Bullet Proof

Server level backups are taken every single night and kept for 30 days. Restoring is just a click of a button. The backups are stored off-site for maximum security and redundancy.

Blazing Fast

Designed from the ground up for one purpose – to deliver incredibly fast WordPress sites. That’s all it’s there to do. From a custom built caching layer and built to WordPress Security Best Practices, this is single purpose hosting, delivering the ultimate in WordPress performance.

Free SSL

Of course, SSL is standard, no charging of certificates here! Let’s Encrypt certificates installed on every single site. Got your own certificate you want to use? No problem. We’ll set that up for you too, again, for free.

Free site migrations

Sites moved easily, quickly and for free! No hassle from your end, and if your files need compressing before moving in order to improve the speed of your site, we’ll do that for you at the same time too!


We don’t do email. And that’s about it.

But you should have your email separate to your hosting anyway, it makes moving things easier should you ever need to. We highly recommend GSuite. Using Google’s own mail servers for as little as £4.60 a month? Bargain.

We do offer DNS hosting and management, again for free if this is what you need. With premium globally distributed nameservers, it’s all about the speed.

The hosting packages are for a single WordPress instance. If you want two separate installs, you need two instances. Or, for an additional fee, we can enable MultiSite on a single instance.


Monthly Hosting

£ 17
  • 10GB Storage
  • Free Staging Site
  • Free SSL
  • Free Site Migration
  • Automated Core WordPress Updates

Yearly Hosting

£ 200 Yearly
  • 10GB Storage
  • Free Staging Site
  • Free SSL
  • Free Site Migration
  • Automated Core WordPress Updates



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