Testing your sites speed in Chrome Dev Tools

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Testing your sites speed in Chrome Dev Tools couldn’t be easier and gives you the perfect way of checking how your customers are likely to see your site loading – assuming your customers are in the same geographic location as you.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open up Chrome and head over to a site that you want to test

Then simply hit CTRL+SHIFT+I or from the menu go to “More Tools – Developer Tools”.

2. Go to the Lighthouse tab

In the developer tools window, head over to the Lighthouse tab.

3. Check “Desktop” and the boxes you want to run tests for

I tend to just leave all categories ticked. One important note though, is that the Mobile tests use simulated CPU throttling and added lag, and will generally show a much worse result. For example, in the site that I’m testing for this blog, it shows a “Time To Interactive” of nearly 8 seconds. However, when I test on my actual mobile phone using it’s data connection, the site loads near instantly. So at the moment ignore the mobile testing and stick to Desktop, as the assumptions it makes when testing on mobile do not currently match the real world – and it is the real world (or field data as Google refer to it as) that your site will be judged on. So double check you have the Device ticked as Desktop.

4. Click Generate Report

Click the big blue Generate Report button

And it will give you a nice little result of SEO best practices, Accessibility and Performance.



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