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Writing a Blog Post using the Gutenberg Builder

Creating a new blank blog post To create a blog post you have two options, you can either navigate to posts – all posts, and click add new, as shown below: Or, simply choose from New on the top of the menu, and then select post. Starting to build your layout When a blank blog

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Routine WordPress Maintenance

Once your site is up and running, there’s some routine maintenance that’s required to keep everything nice and secure. It’s not time consuming or difficult, but neglecting it can leave your site vulnerable to malware. Ignoring the infrastructure behind WordPress for now, your site is effectively made up from a combination of three different things:

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Selling Gift Cards on your WordPress site

Gift cards are a fantastic way to drive sales on your website, not only for special occasions, but all year round! Whether it be physical gift cards or digital ones to use in your store, there’s a simple (and free) solution to sell them on your website using WooCommerce. Check out the video below to

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How to stop your emails going to spam!

Get sick of sending emails just for them to end up in a clients spam folder? It can seem like a never ending problem, but it’s usually one easily solved! Normally this is down to one of two things: Incorrectly configured DNS Your mail server has been blacklisted as spam The first is easier to

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A guide to analyzing the speed of your website

One of the most important things about your site, is how quickly it loads. But getting an accurate report can be confusing, there are so many metrics and tools to look at that it can be both confusing and daunting. So let’s break it down! Tools of choice My favourite tools for checking a site

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How to prevent spam email from your contact form

It’s frustrating to receive a load of spam through your contact form isn’t it? It’s an issue as soon you have a site live with an easily found contact form! But there’s a simple way to prevent it using Google’s free ReCaptcha service! Here I go over setting it up on both Contact Form 7,

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Automatically post WordPress blogs on Pinterest

If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest will be badly neglected! But what if I told you there was a really simple way to automate your board? By posting any of your blogs that you publish on WordPress to your Pinterest board? It’s really simple too, you just need a free Zapier account. Check out

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How to “Fetch as Google”?

Just where has “Fetch as Google” gone? You know, that trusty option on Google Search console that let you tell Google you’ve made some changes and you need the page re-crawled? Without it, Google will re-crawl your page, but it’ll take it’s own sweet time to get around to it. It’s an essential tool right?

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WordPress | How to schedule mini-sessions using WooCommerce

Selling mini-sessions on your site via WooCommerce WooCommerce offers a really easy, and cheap, way of selling mini-sessions on your site. There are a couple of approaches you can take, either a product per date. Or a product with multiple variables. The video below covers both of these scenarios. Any questions, just ask below!

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Image Optimisation – Sizing images for web

Preparing images for use on your website can be confusing, not least because of a certain myth that is perpetuated by people who should know better! For most people, especially those working in any kind of creative industry, the balance of the quality of the image vs how long it takes the page to load

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