How do the one day builds work?

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One Day Builds

For the past 2 years we’ve been offering our “One Day Builds”. They’re a perfect way to get your site built quickly and get some training on how to make changes and add new sections in the future.

Can we really build a whole site in a single day?

Yes! But with some caveats.

This only works for template based builds, be it one of our own templates, Design Space templates or Stylecloud builds.

The amount of customisation is limited because of the time constraints, we’ll make sure the branding is correct, swap all the colours and fonts etc. We’ll also modify the homepage navigation to match your services.

We can make some amendments to pages such as removing, or reordering sections. But we may not have time to build any custom sections for you.

And in reality, it’s more than a days work for me. Just not for you!

Before the day

Before the day, I will set up a staging site for you, migrate all of your content onto it and install the theme we are going to be working with. All of this is done in the days prior to your build day, so we can hit the ground running.

I will also need all of your content a week before the build date to ensure it is going to go ahead. If it’s just putting your existing content from your current site onto a new build, then that’s fine too!

On the day

On the day we will jump on zoom at an agreed time, and plough through the rebuild together. We may choose to split jobs up if they are repeated several times, I’ll show you how to do it on one page, and you can complete it on another.

We’ll get all of your content on, make your branding amendments etc. If we are running short on time, we will complete the branding changes on a single page together, and then I will complete the rebrand the following day.

After the day

At the end of the day it may be that you are happy for it to go live straight away, or you may have some tweaks you want to make yourself on the staging environment, such as adding new blogs or swapping images etc.

Once ready, I will put the site live for you, ensure it is connected to Google Search Console, and guide you through submitting the sitemaps etc. I will also double check that your email is configured properly to ensure it’s not ending up in people’s spam folders.

How do I get started?

Easy, check out my options below for either Stylecloud or Design Space builds and get in touch!


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