Photees Clothing

Photees is a clothing brand that makes slogan tees and custom clothing for photographers.

The Brief

Photees already had a web presence by way of a Shopify site. But they wanted to develop their brand further and have a site that more reflected who they were as a business. 

They also wanted to streamline the process of creating custom clothing including photographer’s logos.

Based on this we:

  • Built a custom WordPress site
  • Added WooCommerce to satisfy Ecommerce needs
  • Provided a custom solution for adding uploaded logos to orders
  • Added a central stock management system

Building a brand

We worked with the owner of Photees, Coralie, to understand the issues she had with her current solution. Dealing with custom orders was time consuming, as the logos couldn’t be attached at time of ordering.

And she felt like she couldn’t build Photees as a stand out brand with an off the shelf solution like Shopify.

Fully responsive

The other drawback was that the original site was a bit bland on mobile view. So we set about building it from the ground up to look fantastic on mobile, with all of the same functionality as the desktop site.


Since going live with the site Photees has built a stronger online presence, with less admin needed for each custom ordering – increasing the profitablity of each order.

Coralie can update the site herself using the simple CMS as well as add new products and easily manage stock.

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