Nick Pedley Insulated Rendering

Nick Pedley Insulated Rendering Ltd is a Norfolk based tradesman specialising in the installation of insulated render.

The Brief

Nick approached us as he didn’t have a web presence at all. Relying on word of mouth and subcontracting for the majority of his work.

His goal was to gain more direct work privately and have his own website to build a brand.

He wanted something built quickly, and for us to optimise it for SEO.

Building a brand

To keep costs and time down, we elected to use a template website for the website layout. This is a great option for small businesses – you know what you’re going to get before we start and we can get you up and running very quickly.

We also provided Search Engine Optimisation and photography for Nick. Photographing one of the properties he had rendered and building the website all in one go saved a lot of time.

Search Engine Optimisation

With our background in SEO we optimised the website for Nick to rank for local keywords as he was mainly targeting the Norfolk area. We set up a Google My Business page and within 6 months had the website ranking first hit for his main keyword, resulting in a good volume of enquiries without the need to spend any money on promotions on social media or paid google ads.

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