Let’s assume you want a completely new website and you’re not migrating any content (we’ll cover full site migrations later).

You need to think about your website as being made up of two services. Quite often they’ll be provided by the same people though. There’s the Registrar, this is who you bought the domain through and they control which Name Servers your website uses.

Then there’s the host, your files are stored here and they control the Domain Name Services for your website. If you’ve bought some new hosting, you’ll be given the Name Servers for your new host, something like “ns1.uk.host.eu”, there’ll be two of them that you need.

GoDaddy Hosting pointing to SiteGround NameServers

You then need to log in to where your host is registered and choose to manage the DNS of the domain, there’ll be two entries for Name Servers, simply replace the existing ones with the Name Servers you’ve been provided from your new host, and away you go.

Please be aware that Name Server changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate through all the DNS servers worldwide, so you might have to be patient. Assuming you’re going to be using your new hosts email servers etc, then you shouldn’t have to make any more changes. If however, you’re planning on using Google Apps for Business and Gmail for your email provider, then you’ll need to make some more in-depth DNS changes. We’ll cover that in another blog though 🙂