Not all Backlinks are equal

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Backlinks are incredibly important from an SEO point of view. Google rank websites with lots of high quality backlinks more highly than those without.

This is because backlinks from relevant and trusted sources, show google that your site is trustworthy and of benefit to people. However, not all backlinks are equal.

Too many low quality backlinks can have the opposite effect, and don’t ever ever pay for the type of SEO services that generate them for you! Doing this will quickly get you penalised by Google.

So which backlinks are good?

Links from authoritative sites are good, so for photography, if you can get a link back from the likes of PetaPixel, Rock My Wedding etc, this is ideal. They’re big sites, that have been around a while and Google will see them as authoritative.

What should I avoid?

Thankfully, Google is pretty open about what it views as “spam” links, they’re all detailed here. They include the likes of Link Schemes, swapping products or reviews for backlinks and distributing link heavy press releases.

No Follow Tags

There is one thing to bear in mind with building backlinks. The dreaded “No Follow” tag. If a link has the No Follow instruction in the code, which looks like:

a rel="no follow" href"..."

Then no page rank is passed. This code is automatically added to WordPress blogs (so no, commenting on here won’t increase your page rank). It’s sadly also in most links that media outlets publish, and on any links you get because you won a photography competition.

Ok, so how do I build quality backlinks?

There’s no quick win or silver bullet on this. Write good content, that is valuable to your readers and clients. Write content that is valuable to your peers. And hope someone republishes it for you.

As a Wedding Photographer I always share images with the other vendors, free of charge. Not just to build good relationships with other local companies, but also because it will generate a backlink from that vendor’s website.

Backlink building is an ongoing process and there are no shortcuts I’m afraid.

Happy link building![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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