Hey! I'm Andy

I could tell you how after a 16 year career working on digital projects in a FTSE 100 company makes me the perfect person to design your website. But that’d be a load of rubbish wouldn’t it? Because you’re probably not a massive financial services company.

Anyway, while that job was great for teaching me things and giving me a background in stakeholder management and working on huge projects. There’s a reason I don’t do it anymore!

I thrive on working with small businesses and creatives! Having used my expertise in digital marketing and web design to help build successful businesses alongside both my wife’s beauty business and my own photography business, I want to do more! Not only build more sites, but empower more people to take control of their own digital presence.

That’s me and the family there, hanging out in the woods with a bunch of photographers. Photo courtesy of Nina Mace

Not just a freelancer, not quite an agency

My wife Elizabeth, is a large part of the business too. Not only supporting me but taking an active role in working with other entrepreneurs that come to us. Our joint experience in running our own businesses and the analyst side of my day job give us great insight into not just building you what you want, but delivering what you need.

And we have a whole host of other freelancers backing us up. Combining Graphic Design services from The Artisan Branding Co and Family Portrait Photography and Marketing Mentoring from Nina Mace.

All real believers in community over competition.

The Collective

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